Our Process

Our intimate production process will allow you to fully realise your idea’s potential.


We place great importance on being thorough with the pre-production process. This stage is key to the effective communication of your idea and it being translated into a fantastic final product. As we are a young, energetic team we have the luxury of spending plenty of time with each of our clients to ensure that your ideas are properly heard and all of your requirements are able to be met. Working with you to create shot lists, scripts and storyboards will enable the full potential of what you want to see.


The team at Very Nice Productions is skilled in the art of effectively communicating your ideas while also making the final product look beautiful. We will enable you to have as much creative freedom as is necessary to achieve your vision, however, you are also able to rely on us if in doubt and we will be happy to suggest fresh ideas. During the production phase, we will work around how much control you want on set, allowing you to make the decisions or work with our guidance.


We have developed an efficient workflow process in the post-production stage of development which gives you multiple opportunities to provide us with creative feedback and continue to shape the video. We are experts in utilising industry-standard software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, allowing us to turn the footage into a beautiful final product.