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Our Mission

Our aim is to provide an approachable, understanding and thoughtful videography services that assists both individuals and businesses in realising their creative visions. We believe that the accessible production of video content is vital to modern success and want to do our part in helping people achieve this.

Darcy Newton


Having been passionate about media products for my entire life and being an inherently orderly person, I naturally gravitated towards producing as soon as I left high school. Since then, in conjunction with many collaborators I have acted as a producer on many successful projects, including multiple short films, music videos and documentaries. Through all this work, my passion for the visual medium has only increased, not only in regards to the final product but also in all the work that goes into making them. I am currently studying the Bachelor of Film and Television (Honours) with a co-major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Swinburne University of Technology, the combination of which I believe gives me the ability to go beyond the role of an average producer. I, with Alex Hodge, started and have been running Very Nice Productions since the beginning of 2018.

Alex Hodge


Studying at Film and Television (Honours) at Swinburne University, I am utilising my craft as a cinematographer through Very Nice Productions. I have worked on various short film sets within the camera department, including several on 16mm film. Additionally, films I have contributed to have been awarded places in numerous film festivals in Melbourne such as MINA Pocket Film Festival and VMC Multicultural Film Festival. Throughout this experience, I have also developed skills in directing cast and crew, and as the camera operator for Very Nice Productions, these skills go hand in hand. Working closely with Darcy in a small team has allowed us to work efficiently and thoughtfully in achieving the production films which regularly exceed client expectations.
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